Welcome to the Halls of Tolkien!

Check out the National Geographic's Lord of the Rings: Beyond the Movie website! Nice stuff!

The links below will take you to places of Tolkien. Some images, some audio, some text, and an incredible man.

Paintings in the Hall... (No Longer Available)

US Mirror of Tolkien's Oxford

New lithographs from Edward P. Beard, Jr! (No Longer Available)

Lord Of the Rings Windows 95 Theme (v3.0)
This is the best theme yet for Win95...it almost makes Win95 berable for us Unix people (*grin*). [NOTE: No longer offered here due to bandwidth]

US Mirror of Tolkien Computer Games
(http://www.lysator.liu.se/tolkien-games/) [NOTE: No longer offered here due to bandwidth]

A Class on Tolkien -- the notes

These are other Tolkien sites I find of interest...

Open Door Mike William's: Tolkien Collecting Resources

Open Door The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page

Open Door Ever want the final proofs of LOtR? Check this out!

Open Door Hear the Master himself!

After being dead for quite a while, this site is back on-line! Check it out!!!


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